5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Job Interviews

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Your Resume Doesn’t Match the Job Description

We know this probably sounds like a ton of work, but make sure your resume matches the job description in which you are applying. There are these little digital crawlers that go through all the resumes that have applied for a certain job and MAKE sure they match resumes and cover letters.

Try rewording your resume to match the job description. Even if it’s just little phrases here and there, or making sure you state your skills that the job description requires (the ones you have, of course), do it! It will help you get through the job interview process.

You Haven’t Reached Out to People at the Company

I genuinely believe that after you apply for a job, you should follow up with the company directly. You can do this via LinkedIn or by guessing their emails.

Letting someone know proactively that you are dying to work at their company will get you noticed. Everyone wants to hire someone who wants to work for them – make it super clear.

You Haven’t Networked

More often than not, people get jobs through networking. If there aren’t any groups in your area, try going to a meetup – or heck – creating a meetup! Do something to meet other people who might have jobs in the field you are looking for one. Once you impress them with your amazing charm, they will be so happy to refer to. People love to pay it forward!

You Are Not Applying to Enough Jobs

Even if you are the best applicant in the world – you never know what is going on at a company. Job applications are a numbers game. Even though a job may be posted online, you never know if people internally are applying or if they can even afford you.

If you are in the job application process, don’t leave it up to chance by only applying to a few jobs. Apply to a LOT. Like, more than you think you should. When I was laid off I applied to over 50 jobs. I got 4, and I absolutely love job applications. If you are new to this process, assume your conversion rate will be slower!

It’s Not a Good Time of Year  

If you are applying for jobs around a holiday, or during a busy season for a company – you may not be hearing back because no one’s in office! Take into account when you are hearing back from companies, and when you aren’t. There are sometimes perfect times of year – and sometimes there aren’t. Take into consideration the busy season of the place you are applying to – and you’ll get more job interviews.

Job interviews are a marathon and not a race. Even when you get an interview you have to deal with several rounds of interviews, and it may take several months. So apply apply apply and get those job interviews!

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Your Resume Doesn’t Match the Job Description I know this probably sounds like a ton of work, but make sure your resume matches the job

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